Immediate has taken its place in world couriering, proving ourselves to be a top class hero with both corporates and small business clients in the Pakistan and international markets.

Providing such good service clearly worked. Immediate grew at such a rapid rate; we quickly became a fully fledged courier itself.

We have since earned ourselves the reputation of the courier company to use when you need it done, and you need it done now!

Our outstanding reputation is based on incredible service capacity and by doing exactly what is promised. We provide the ultimate in courier experiences with a compilation of cost-effective, time critical, customer-orientated services and a comprehensive domestic and international network.

We’re about serving people. Nine out of ten companies need a courier company to complete some aspect of their business for them. A capable courier service is a great way to stay fast and reliable to your business associates and to your customers.

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We Ship Across The World
The wordl under our wing.