Immediate gets it. And we get “it” delivered to your business benefit. We ensure the best in affordable service whilst maintaining the personal effective service our clients are used to. Our services include overnight, economy, domestic road freight, NightmaiL, international parcel and document express, as well as international air freight and an in-city speed delivery service, RocketmaN, which sees 98% of deliveries delivered within 90 minutes.

Immediate is owner run and always will be – that’s our competitive edge. It enables us to provide a more personal level of service, ultimately leading to our customers’ approval.

We’re not a conventional courier service, but rather a growing boutique operation, offering flexibility, personal service and attention to detail.

Our business is based on real interactions and communication with clients on the status of their delivery. We know our limits and work around these.

We’ll tell you what they are and how we going to solve them. We’re problem solvers: rules are our guidelines and we are constantly adapting and modifying the way we work to solve our clients’ problems. Our commitment to this vision is supported by our remarkable staff, which results in a passionate and driven working environment.